Help us train 50 Cyber Warriors in 2018!

We are in the midst of first fundraising campaign! If you are reading this, it is because you have an interest in helping veterans get good paying careers in cybersecurity that give them meaning and purpose in their lives. We put together this video to help people like you get to know us better and get the word out about our cause!

Whether $10,000 or $10, every little bit helps us to put veterans into the good paying careers that they deserve. Thank you in advance for donating, opening our gates for all veterans to become Cyber Warriors!

Welcome to the Cyber Warrior Foundation

The Cyber Warrior Foundation is a not-for-profit that trains primarily veterans* in cybersecurity skills and helps them get certified, along with OJT, to prepare them in launching or taking the next step in their career, while simultaneously providing them a meaningful purpose in their day-to-day lives.

*While we focus mainly on veterans themselves, we also accept applications from veteran family members.

About Us


A group of Minnesota veteran business owners and executives decided to group together to provide the greatly under-manned cybersecurity space a better solution in this “wild west” of information security.  The result was a major collaboration between these groups and their contacts resulting in a consortium whose goal is to assist clients with the best cybersecurity services and tools available, vetted by the finest professionals around.

Shortly thereafter, the biggest need identified was that there were simply not enough persons qualified in information security to do the work.  Of those who were qualified, United States Military Service Veterans stood-out head and shoulders above others.

Further analysis revealed that the training servicemen and women receive from the outset of their service, prepares them to be excellent candidates for information security roles and functions within industry and government.  Additionally, those who were directly involved in information security while serving, have the some of the most comprehensive information security backgrounds available, making them the best practitioners and advisors around.

Given the proclivity for information security and the ever-widening information security skills gap, the group set out to benefit the known unemployed/ underemployed veterans through a VA approved program to prepare them for careers in cybersecurity, with guidance, mentorship, and apprenticeship along the way.

So was born the Cyber Warrior Foundation, a 501(3)(c) not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating tomorrow’s information security professionals out of today’s veterans.


At the core of our leadership are the guiding principles that we strive to follow, aligned with our Christian heritage, and those ideals that helped build our great nation.  To simplify, we use the principles of Unity, Service, and Navigation.

Unity:  We are united in our sibling-hood as members and supporters of the United States, those who have served in the Armed Services, and their supporters.  We are joined by the common hope of being able to help protect the information of everyone in order to preserve peace and privacy.

Service:  Not everyone will be an information security professional, but in this age of technology and information risk, everyone should understand how information security affects their lives.  No matter what direction our Warriors choose, we teach them how the knowledge of information security will enable them to be the best at their jobs, and welcome them back to learn more at anytime.

Navigation:  We come alongside all of our potential Warriors to aid them in discovering their passions with the goal of them achieving good paying careers, but more importantly, showing all of our Warriors how to find the meaning and purpose in those careers, and in their everyday lives.

Benjamin Brooks
Eric Power
Galon Miller
Benjamin Brooks

Benjamin Brooks

Director of Curriculum Development

Benjamin Brooks is a founding member and managing partner of Cyber Warrior Foundation.  Benjamin is a senior organizational leader with over 18-years’ experience in the realms of providing guidance and direction for the organization, leading teams, and program development.  An internationally recognized information security expert, he also provides subject matter and exam writing expertise for the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, (ISC)2.

Benjamin’s work focuses primarily on business consulting; advising organizations on behavioral and administrative controls to reduce information risk, prevent breaches, and aid in compliance measures.  Benjamin is a veteran of Naval Special Warfare technology teams and a drilling Navy Reservist Chief Petty Officer.  He has a passion for helping other understand both the fundamentals and the finery of information security, leading to his current role with Cyber Warrior Foundation.  Some of Benjamin’s more notable clients include Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command, Proctor and Gamble, AXA Insurance, The State of New Jersey Judiciary, and The Ohio State University, amongst others.

Benjamin graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Political Science in 2011 and will complete his Executive Master of Business Administration from Case-Western Reserve Weatherhead School of Management in Spring of 2018.

Eric Power

Eric Power

Director of Fundraising

Eric Power is a co-founder and a managing partner at Cyber Warrior Foundation.  His close relationships with business leaders across the country help to provide the necessary exposure to achieve the missions of national recognition for Cyber Warrior Foundation and proper funding for the long, rewarding journey ahead.

Eric’s unique blend of leadership and strategic guidance have helped pave the way for success in his professional career as well as an athletic coach and mentor.  A two-time Division II Football All-American at Concordia University, St. Paul, his relentless approach of demanding the most of himself translated to getting the most out of others as he has coached and lead hundreds of college and high school students in athletic excellence.

Providing leadership in the business world soon followed as he currently is the Chief Strategic Officer for Cyber Intelligence Cyber Security, LLC.  His goal for veterans is creating a culture of “buy-in”.

“[Buying-in] is willingly shedding, blood, sweat and tears into the common good of your teammates. Starting with small wins at boot camp-the mindset of pain, suffering, and doubt to achieve the seemingly impossible, transitions into belief in something greater than yourself.  Thus, is born the culture of a higher standard, different from anyone else you may encounter outside of your brotherhood in-turn creating an unbreakable bond that no one can ever take away from you…  If you have an off-day, because we are in fact only human, your brothers will pick you up because you no longer owe it to just yourself. You owe it to your family.”

The spirit of this foundation is to give these men a renewed feeling of buying-in.”

Galon Miller

Galon Miller

Director of External Relationships

Galon Miller is a co-founder and a managing partner of Cyber Warrior Foundation, where he is responsible for contributing to the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic imperatives.  Mr. Miller brings over 35 years of executive leadership in information technology, as well as building customer‐focused teams for long‐term partnerships.

As a US Navy, Vietnam Veteran, Mr. Miller was responsible for the nuclear weapon alarm systems and communications infrastructure on-board the USS Wichita, AOR-1, during his 4 years of active duty and succeeding US Naval Reserve responsibility.

With an intense desire and drive to support our current transitioning US Military Veterans, Mr. Miller has a celebrated track record of providing transition advocacy, career coaching, and mentorships to hundreds of Post-911 Veterans and Service Members.  In continuation of this success, the Cyber Warrior Foundation is an organization uniquely positioned to identify the talents, skills, and passion of our veterans, resulting in the alignment of their personalities and strengths with well-paying civilian positions that provide real meaning and purpose to their lives.

Mr. Miller earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Management from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as certifications in thought leadership, strategic planning, and implementation from the American Management Association in Chicago.


Our goal at the Cyber Warrior Foundation is to equip the next generation of information security educated professionals in a way that no other organization has before.  This means that curricula are based upon the needs and strengths of the individual, not cookie-cutter programs which fail to produce work-ready professionals.

Much of our budget goes to paying for quality educators, funding on-the-job training, and the one-on-one counseling that makes the Cyber Warrior Foundation successful in its efforts.

A typical engagement with a prospective warrior lasts anywhere from 2-6 months.  During this time, the warrior can receive financial aid to cover bills during education, a computer to access class materials, books, and study aids, all provided by the foundation.

We realize that every dollar matters. At Cyber Warrior Foundation, it is an internal goal to ensure that each dollar we spend is properly allocated and forwards our mission to train the next generation of information security professionals, help veterans get good paying careers, while simultaneously giving them meaning and purpose in their lives.