Eric Power

Eric Power

Director of Fundraising

Eric Power is a co-founder and a managing partner at Cyber Warrior Foundation.  His close relationships with business leaders across the country help to provide the necessary exposure to achieve the missions of national recognition for Cyber Warrior Foundation and proper funding for the long, rewarding journey ahead.

Eric’s unique blend of leadership and strategic guidance have helped pave the way for success in his professional career as well as an athletic coach and mentor.  A two-time Division II Football All-American at Concordia University, St. Paul, his relentless approach of demanding the most of himself translated to getting the most out of others as he has coached and lead hundreds of college and high school students in athletic excellence.

Providing leadership in the business world soon followed as he currently is the Chief Strategic Officer for Cyber Intelligence Cyber Security, LLC.  His goal for veterans is creating a culture of “buy-in”.

“[Buying-in] is willingly shedding, blood, sweat and tears into the common good of your teammates. Starting with small wins at boot camp-the mindset of pain, suffering, and doubt to achieve the seemingly impossible, transitions into belief in something greater than yourself.  Thus, is born the culture of a higher standard, different from anyone else you may encounter outside of your brotherhood in-turn creating an unbreakable bond that no one can ever take away from you…  If you have an off-day, because we are in fact only human, your brothers will pick you up because you no longer owe it to just yourself. You owe it to your family.”

The spirit of this foundation is to give these men a renewed feeling of buying-in.”