Galon Miller

Galon Miller

Director of External Relationships

Galon Miller is a co-founder and a managing partner of Cyber Warrior Foundation, where he is responsible for contributing to the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic imperatives.  Mr. Miller brings over 35 years of executive leadership in information technology, as well as building customer‐focused teams for long‐term partnerships.

As a US Navy, Vietnam Veteran, Mr. Miller was responsible for the nuclear weapon alarm systems and communications infrastructure on-board the USS Wichita, AOR-1, during his 4 years of active duty and succeeding US Naval Reserve responsibility.

With an intense desire and drive to support our current transitioning US Military Veterans, Mr. Miller has a celebrated track record of providing transition advocacy, career coaching, and mentorships to hundreds of Post-911 Veterans and Service Members.  In continuation of this success, the Cyber Warrior Foundation is an organization uniquely positioned to identify the talents, skills, and passion of our veterans, resulting in the alignment of their personalities and strengths with well-paying civilian positions that provide real meaning and purpose to their lives.

Mr. Miller earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Management from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as certifications in thought leadership, strategic planning, and implementation from the American Management Association in Chicago.